HH Amir receives Kuwaiti academics
and university professors


In a candid speech during his reception of a plethora of Kuwaiti academics and university professors at Bayan Palace Wednesday, 21 November, 2012, His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah urged voters to effectively participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

"(I asks dear compatriots to) Be positive and take part in the electoral process to choose the best, most effective, honest and responsible to represent you in the coming National Assembly and who will review the (the recently issued) decree of necessity to approve, reject or change it," HH the Amir said at the meeting, attended by HH the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.

HH the Amir told the Kuwaiti academics that the decree that amended the former electoral law to allow voters to cast one ballot instead of four in the past was "inevitable" in light of the outcome of the previous three elections.

"I have issued the decree to amend electoral law based on my national duty and constitutional right, stated clearly by the Constitutional Court rulings," HH the Amir said."It was necessary to address the defects and negativities of the electoral law which the past three elections have shown." HH the Amir, however, pointed out that there are different constitutional means to challenge the decree."The constitution has enshrined the right to challenge necessity decrees before the reputable, independent and fair Constitutional Court," HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah said, stressing that he will abide by the Constitutional Court's verdict whatever it entailed.

HH the Amir even hailed the move by some people to challenge the decree before the Constitutional Court, "I laud this civilized behavior and announce my complete abidance by the Court's ruling if it came contrary to my assessment," he said.He added that the coming National Assembly can also turn down the decree.

"The necessity decree is not a normal law but it subjects to review from the National Assembly as well as challenges before the Constitutional Court... and I say it clearly that will accept the National Assembly and the Court's view. So Where is the problem?" HH the Amir reminded Kuwaiti people that there are great challenges facing their dear homeland."We are facing great challenges and surrounded by major dangers, so we have to focus on addressing it," He underlined."We have the great challenges of fighting corruption and reform that state bodies, educational system, public services; health, electricity, water, transport, roads, housing, and job creation." HH the Amir underscored that these major issues and dangers cannot be addressed through protests and gatherings and the insistence on violating law."But through cooperation, unity, collective and hard work, development, constructive dialogue and good governance," he said.

HH the Amir thanked the Kuwaiti academics for expressing warm patriotic stances during the recent turmoil that has affected the country.HH the Amir added that he deeply appreciates their patriotic sentiments and responsible stances that reflects Kuwait's true visage, vowing that he will not hesitate in safeguarding the nation's security and the nationals' stability and wellbeing.

"I urge all to listen to the calls of reason and prioritize the higher interest of Kuwait," HH concluded.

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