Amir inaugurates third session
of 11th legislative term

Amir inaugurates third session of 11th legislative term

The third regular session of the 11th legislative term of the National Assembly was inaugurated Tuesday 30th October 2007 , under the auspices of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.

The beginning of the session was marked with the delivery of the Amiri Address.

In the Amiri Address, he said, "Cooperation between the two authorities is a constitutional duty and a national demand, and it is important to achieve cooperation within clear boundaries between the authorities " .
"For no authority may overstep the boundaries to prerogatives of another authority, and constitutional stipulations are regulations that must be respected,"
he said.

Moreover, His Highness the Amir said the protection of the constitution was through "commitment to its stipulations in word and action," adding that the strife and crises that were witnessed, and the strife that threatened national unity was "the result of failing to respect the constitution, and overstepping the prerogatives it states."

His Highness Sheikh Sabah said that the people, while following up activities of the previous parliamentary session, felt much "bitterness and frustration due to incooperation, the fabrication of crises and humble achievement."

The Amir called on the two authorities to "turn a new page" so that fruitful action would be made in the interest of the nation, hoping that "our achievements will be greater than our aspirations and that national interest be our goal and aim."

Moreover, he noted the great internal and external challenges that the country faced, which required solidarity and a strong stand against rumors that aimed to strike against national unity.

"There are those who seek to use the liberty we enjoy to strike against our national unity, and we will not allow this to happen, nor will we let any harm befall Kuwait," he said.

The Amir said that there were many challenges ahead that required the cooperation of the executive and legislative authorities, including security, economic development, human resources, education, health, administrative reform, and improving public services, as well as other issues that were of interest to the people and the nation.

"The coming period requires full cooperation and distinctive effort of the part of all," he said, "as well as a qualitative leap through which to pass pending draft bills." He concluded his speech by calling for making national interest a reality, while committing to laws and the constitution.


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