About ACD

About the Forum

  • A regional block based on the principle of voluntary and non obligation in the decisions.
  • The largest forum for the exchange of views, ideas and suggestions on various, economic, security, social, scientific and media topics.
  • Asian Cooperation Dialogue was created on 23 June 2001, and the Kingdom of Thailand was behind the idea of its creation.
  • The first Asian international entity aiming to include all Asian countries.


  • Promote interaction between Asian countries in all fields of cooperation, by identifying joint opportunities that will help to fight poverty and improve the quality of life for the peoples of Asia.
  • Expand trade and financial markets in Asia-Based capabilities through completing and strengthen the existing cooperative frameworks in order to be a vital partner for other regions.
  • Transforming the Asian continent into Asian community capable of interacting with other countries of the world for further positive participations toward peace and prosperity.


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