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His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah opened Wednesday morning the second day of deliberations of the First Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) Summit, with the Asian leaders expected to endorse a host of resolutions to further collaboration between their countries.

Sheikh Sabah gave the floor for heads of state and government to give their speeches.

Bahrain's Deputy Premier Sheikh Mohammad bin Mubarak Al-Khalifa said on Wednesday that Manama looked forward that this Summit would enhance dialogue among the Asian countries.Addressing the Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) summit here, Sheikh Mohammad wished the Summit would achieve its objectives for the best interest of "our people." Sheikh Mohammad said economic security and prosperity of the Asian people "should be our high priority and prime challenge which should be addressed. We are optimistic that we can address these challenges." The Bahraini senior official said the Asian continent enjoyed rich natural resources, as well as housing the largest population of the world, so it was quite natural that the continent lead the world economic especially during the economic and financial crisis.

"We should boost cooperation and facilitate trade exchange and energy cooperation, exploring more projects and infrastructure ventures," he added.

Sheikh Mohammad praised His Highness the Amir of Kuwait's initiative to allocate USD two billion to support development projects in non-Arab Asian countries, as well as Kuwait's USD 300 million contribution to this mechanism.

Sheikh Mohammad said human resources are the real source of development. "Therefore, we should pay more attention to the development of human being." He said bolstering international cooperation and exploring new horizons of joint investment would create more jobs thus boost each country's income.

Sheikh Mohammad said that the Asian countries should also remember that collective cooperation among regional blocs was essential.

The representative of Cambodia thanked Kuwait for its hosting of the first ACD Summit and valued Thailand's efforts over 10 years. He also welcomed the newest member to the Asian grouping, Afghanistan.The cultural diverse continent, since its inception, has encouraged cooperation, he noted.He said Cambodia welcomed the future countries who had offered to host future summits and activities for the forum including Pakistan, Iran, China, Thailand and Bahrain.Cambodia succeeded in development over several areas, tackling challenges like energy prices, food security and human injustice. Asia needs to cooperate and work together for worldwide peace and stability.According to UN Development Program (UNDP) figures, food prices will rise 20 percent due to the increasing dependency on energy used to generate this food, making it difficult to achieve our millennium goals.He thanked Kuwait for its initiative that called Asian countries to allocate USD two billion to help development in non-Arab Asian countries, as well as its USD 300 million contribution to this new tool."There is a link between agriculture and energy production. We need to increase efforts to face climate change, which has affected agriculture, especially in Cambodia," he added.The international community is divided on facing this, he said, adding it failed on the last occasions. Asia can help come with solutions on this, raising its recommendations to the UN.On this, he proposed a crisis management body to be established by ACD. Similarly, the ASEAN had set up a body for humanitarian assistance to support its communities.He also pledged his country's assistance to tourism in Asian countries, saying his country would aid other countries in the continent start their own tourism sector to be as successful as his own as it had with Bangladesh."We also have a number of plans on tackling poverty whereby we urge to support farmers and agriculture."

The Vietnamese representative said the ACD Summit was a turning point in cooperation between the Asian countries.He said dialogue placed common grounds for cooperation and development, however keeping in place the value of each country.

He said Asia was facing great challenges although it occupied 63 percent of global GDP.Asia, he added, was one of the sensitive areas affected by the natural resources, so ACD should have a clear vision to facing common challenges as well as benefiting from expertise of advanced countries."We should develop infrastructure to boost food production in the Asian countries because the growing population is increasing consumption of food despite economic growth," he said.He said the Asian countries should improve joint communication to ultimately improve services for the people.

For his part, the representative of Myanmar hoped the ACD Summit would contribute to better cooperation between the Asian countries in order to achieve prosperity of the Asian people.He said food and energy security were the major concern of many countries, thus cooperation was the best way to tackle these challenges.

He said meetings between the private sector in the Asian countries should be further encouraged. "We also look forward for more interactive between the chambers of commerce," he added.The official said the reoccurrence of natural disasters emphasized need of having special mechanism to improve crisis management.

The Kyrgyz representative stressed the need to focus on producing clean sustainable energy."We need to increase agricultural cooperation on other sectors like culture, education and the environment," she added.Lastly, "we thank Kuwait's hosting of the gathering and congratulate our neighbor Tajikistan on its hosting of the next summit.".

The Filipino representative said that a bank had been established in the south of his country to accommodate the needs of the Muslim minority living there.

The Philippines encourages sustained development and energy. It has plans on the energy sector, climate change and strengthening agriculture to serve the people and ensure food security.He also stressed the need to improve education and technology exchange. The importance in education is to build "understanding generations able to live in our diverse nations." His country welcomes Kuwait's donation of USD 300 million for development in non-Arab less-developed Asian nations, he said. He also welcomed Afghanistan, the 32nd member of the ACD.The Philippines will be attending a conference of experts in three months' time in Thailand. It will also be attending an energy conference in Pakistan. He concluded that there were several key areas that he mentioned, and that these are the ones that should be focused on.

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